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A Playoff System That Would Work

All figures are from the 2001 College Football season

It's time for a playoff system in Divsion 1-A College Football. Every other Division has one. In the past two years, the BCS has proved to be a black eye for college football. In 2000, had Oklahoma lost, we would have had a disputed national champion. This year a similar situation arrived once again. Had Miami lost, the winner of the Oregon-Colorado Fiesta Bowl game could have made a claim to a split national title. A playoff system would fix that, because the national championship would be decided in a single game provided by a tournament type form much like that of College Basketball. I believe that a playoff system would increase interest in college football during the postseason, especially in the early weeks after the final regular season games are played. Here's my plan:

1. The tournament would be a 24-team format conducted much like the NCAA basketball tournament. The top eight seeds would recieve a first round bye. This would lead to 23 games. First and Second round games would be played at the home of the higher ranked team in the bracket shown below. The four quarterfinal games would be held at major bowl venues as decided through contracts to the NCAA. The National Championship would be played at a major sports venue such as the Rose Bowl, or could be rotated between venues much like it is now in the BCS. The third place game as well as the semifinal games would be held at the three remaining BCS bowl venues.
2. The current BCS rankings would be used to figure teams and placings, BUT any team ranked one spot lower than a team they have beaten shall switch spots with that team. This will be the case for placings and for any for teams fighting for the 24th spot.
3. All games will be played on Saturdays starting the weekend after the Army-Navy and conference championship games (these games may have to be moved to accomadate the playoff schedule.

This year's schedule would have looked like this:
First round games: Dec. 8
Second round games: Dec. 15
Quarterfinals: Dec. 22
Semifinals: Dec. 29
Championship and third place game: Jan. 5
Note- If any games were to ever fall on Christmas Day they would be moved to day prior (Christmas Eve).

4. Six automatic bids are to be rewarded to the conference champions in the current conferences that get automatic bids in the BCS (ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, SEC).
5. Two more automatic bids would be rewarded to the highest ranked (using the current BCS formula) teams that are not in the six "major" conferences. These two bids would be awarded to teams in Confernce USA, MAC, MWC, Sun Belt, WAC and any independents (yes, that means Notre Dame).
6. The remaining 16 bids would be at-large bids and go to the highest-ranked teams not recieving automatic bids.
7. The seeds will be determined solely on the current BCS rankings.

Here is a sample for what would happen. The data and rankings used here are from Teams with automatic bids are marked with a asterisk(*).

16 BYU*
winner to play: 1 Miami*

9 Stanford
winner to play: 8 Illinios*

12 Washington St.
winner to play: 5 Florida

13 LSU*
winner to play: 4 Oregon*

14 South Carolina
winner to play: 3 Colorado*

11 Oklahoma
winner to play: 6 Tennessee

10 Maryland*
winner to play: 7 Texas

15 Fresno St.*
winner to play: 2 Nebraska

There you have it. Take it for what it's worth, a work in progress. Got any comments, suggestions, questions-- email me