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Why Notre Dame doesn't deserve the BCS in 2000

I have many reasons why Notre Dame football does not deserve to go to any Bowl Championship Series game this year. They have probably the greatest tradition in college football, but that doesn't mean they deserve a big bowl game no matter what they do. First of all lets take a look at their schedule:

Opponent Score Final Rank Location Opp. W-L Opp. Bowl
Texas A&M W 24-10 27 Home 7-4 Independence
Nebraska L 24-27 8 Home 9-2 Alamo
Purdue W 23-21 15 Home 8-3 Rose
Michigan St. L 21-27 58 Away 5-6 None
Stanford W 20-14 63 Home 5-6 None
Navy W 45-14 110 Neutral(Orlando) 1-10 None
West Virginia W 42-28 59 Away 6-5 Music City
Air Force W 34-31 32 Home 8-3 Silicon Valley
Boston College W 28-16 50 Home 6-5 Aloha
Rutgers W 45-17 96 Away 3-8 None
Southern Cal W 38-21 72 Away 5-7 None

The totals show Notre Dame's win loss record at 9 wins and 2 loses. Their opponents win-loss record is 63-59 and 6 teams they played are going to bowls. By being in the BCS, you are said to be one of the top 8 teams in the nation. The highest ranked team Notre Dame beat was #15 (Purdue). Purdue is not a top 10 team in the official BCS standings, they recieved an automatic bid. Nebraska, ranked #8 in the BCS (and not going to a BCS bowl game), beat Notre Dame in South Bend. Perhaps my strongest argument against Notre Dame going to the BCS is that they are ranked #11 in the final BCS poll. Since Purdue gained the automatic bid to the BCS and is ranked lower than #8, the ideal plan would be to select the 2 at-large teams from the top 7 teams. The BCS put themselves in a bind when they told us all that just because a team is ranked in the top 6 or 8 doesn't mean they will go to a BCS bowl. The example this year is Virginia Tech. The Hokies are ranked #5 in the BCS and are going to the Gator Bowl.

My Opinion: NO team should have a special preference, even if they have a great tradition like Notre Dame. In fact, I believe no team ranked less than #8 in the final BCS standings should be considered for an at-large slot UNLESS they won their conference. The reason behind Notre Dame beating out Virginia Tech is that they will make more MONEY for the BCS and their sponsors. Unfortunately, that's what the college game is about today, MONEY. I also believe a playoff system could do a much better job than the BCS has done.

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