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Recent Updates


Recently, my life has become much more busy. I am going to leave this site as is for now. Hopefully, in the coming future I will be able to return to full coverage of all that is on this site. If you have any suggestions for the future, feel free to email me. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to coming back soon

The 2002 Cowboy Football wallpaper is finished!!! Click here to access the wallpaper, let the picture load, and then right-click and choose "Set as Wallpaper". I hope you enjoy my creation and if you have any problems, don't hesitate to email me at GO POKES!

What's new or updated? Here's a list for you:

--The college football playoff system has been redone. It is still not a finished product, but check out the new format here
--The MWCvsWAC football page has been updated for this coming season and includes television information.
--In addition, I have created many new things and updated a lot in the Poke Info section for you UW fans out there. Check out the many new features over at the main page, basketball page and the football page.
--Don't forget to check out the 2002 Poke Football Wallpaper

WORKING ON: MWC vs. WAC stuff, playoff system, college basketball, future basketball schedules

Got questions or comments: e-mail me at

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College Football Playoff System

Future MWC and WAC football schedules


UW memorial to the "8"

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