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Welcome Poke Fans!

The 2002 Cowboy Football wallpaper is finished!!! Click here to access the wallpaper, let the picture load, and then right-click and choose "Set as Wallpaper". I hope you enjoy my creation and if you have any problems, feel free to email me at GO POKES!

Words to Fight, Wyoming, Fight- the true Wyoming fight song!

Come on, Cowboys, gold and brown! Show them how, boys, hold them down!
Start right now, boys, don't delay, Break away, win today.
Take that ball, and one, two, three! Carry on triumphantly--Come on and fight!
Fight! Fight, you Cowboys fight! Come on and fight on to victory.

Listen to the 2001 UW Marching Band, including Fight, Wyoming, Fight! and Cowboy Joe, at the UW Marching Band Website

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