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Top 10 reasons why the University of Wyoming is on the rise in college athletics and Cowboy fans should be proud.

  1. An excellent basketball team fresh off a 2002 NCAA Tournament second round exit with a coach who signed a contract extension through 2009. The incentives could pay him up to $560,000 a year, keeping him hard to pull away from Laramie.
  2. The new Rochelle Athletics Center (RAC), which has made a tremendous impact on recruits.
  3. A football coach who has said numerous times that he would love to stay and build a program in Laramie and become the Cowboy's version of Lavell Edwards.
  4. A great basketball coach who has recieved many offers and interviewed for multiple jobs with guaranteed more money, but turned them all down.
  5. The fact that when the basketball team travels down to CSU and Air Force, our fans outnumber theirs every year. Wyoming games at both campuses in 2002 were the highest attended games.
  6. The record amount of donations being brought in by the Cowboy Joe Club and the University in general.
  7. An improving football team. Don't be surprised if they come out .500 this year.
  8. The plans for a new University convention center to be located on Grand including conference rooms, 100+ hotel rooms and up to two different restaurants.
  9. 2001 NCAA Div. 3 Hockey Champs and 2002 Runners up!
  10. 2001 NCAA Div. 1 Rugby Sweet 16 participants. This team was also the 2000 NCAA Div. 1 Rugby runners-up to Cal-Berkley.
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