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Greatest Cowboy Basketball Players Ever

2001-02 Report

Explanation: This list was created by using the University of Wyoming Cowboy Basketball Media Guide. In order to earn points for a ranking the player must have a career record or season record in the top 10 for a category (i.e. assists, rebounds). The point scale used is a 10-point scale where as the record holder recieves 10 points, the 2nd spot recieves 9 points and so on down to the 10th spot recieving 1 point. Only Season and Career records are used; no single-game records are used.
Note: A (t) next to the ranking indicates a tie.
Pts: points
Avg: average
Reb: Rebounds
Ast: Assists
Blk: Blocks
Stl: Steals
FGM: Field Goals Made
FGA: Field Goals Attempted
FTM: Free Throws Made
FTA: Free Throws Attempted
Rank Name(points) Seasons Notes
1 Fennis Dembo(204) 1985-88 Holds records for Career Pts, Career FGM, Career FTM and Season 3-pt FGM
2 Flynn Robinson(150) 1963-65 Holds records for Career Scoring Avg, Career FGA, Season Pts, Season Scoring Avg and Season FGM
3 Sean Dent(126) 1984-88 Holds records for Career Ast, Career Stl, Season Ast, Season Ast Avg, Season Stl and Season Stl Avg
4 Reggie Slater(120) 1989-92 Holds records for Career Reb, Career FTA and Season Reb
5 LaDrell Whitehead(100) 1995-97 Holds records for Career Stl Avg, Career 3-pt FGM, Career 3-pt FGA and Season 3-pt FGA
6 Theo Ratliff(80) 1992-95 Holds records for Career Blk, Career Blk Avg, Season Blk and Season Blk Avg
7 Eric Leckner(73) 1985-88 Highest Rank: #2 Career Blk
8t Maurice Alexander(70) 1991-92 Holds record for Career Ast Avg
8t Leon Clark(70) 1964-66 Holds records for Career Reb Avg and Season Reb Avg
10 Carl Ashley(64) 1968-70 Highest Rank: #2 Career Reb Avg
11 Jeron Roberts(63) 1995-98 Highest Rank: #2 Career 3-pt FGA and Season FTM
12 David Murray(46) 1993-94 Highest Rank: #2 Career Ast Avg
13 Chris McMillian(45) 1999-pres. Highest Rank: #3 Career Ast
14 Harry Hall(44) 1967-69 Highest Rank: #4 Career Scoring Avg and Season FTA
15(t) Charles Bradley(41) 1978-81 Highest Rank: #2 Career FTA
15(t) Joe Capua(41) 1954-56 Holds records for Season FTM and Season FTA
17 Anthony Blakes(40) 1998-00 Highest Rank: #3 Career Stl Avg
18 Reggie Fox(39) 1987-89 Highest Rank: #2 Career 3-pt FGM, Season 3-pt FGM and Season 3-pt FGA
19 Bill Garnett(37) 1979-82 Highest Rank: #4 Career Blk
20 Tony Windis(31) 1957-59 Highest Rank: #2 Career Scoring Avg
21 Reggie Page(28) 1989-90 Highest Rank: #2 Career Blk Avg
22 Mike Jackson(26) 1980-83 Highest Rank: #2 Season Ast Avg
23 Brett McFall(23) 1998-01 Highest Rank: #4 Career 3-pt FGA
24 HL Coleman(22) 1994-97 Highest Rank: #3 Career Reb
25 Brad Mann(21) 1997-00 Highest Rank: #4 Career 3-pt FGM

Other holding a record: Moe Radovich (1950-52)- Season FGA