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UW Basketball- Cowboys Entering The Record Books

Note: This list was created using the UW Basketball Media Guide and current stats from this season.
Chris McMillian is redshirting this year and will be back next season.

Name Rank Record(#) Record Holder(#)
Josh Davis (SR) 4 Career Rebounds(912) Reggie Slater(1,197)
Josh Davis (SR) 6 Career Rebound Avg.(7.9) Leon Clark(11.4)
Josh Davis (SR) 3 Career Blocks(164) Theo Ratliff(425)
Josh Davis (SR) 2 Career Block Avg.(1.4) Theo Ratliff(3.8)
Josh Davis (SR) 4 Career Steals(137) Sean Deant(249)
Josh Davis (SR) 8 Career Steals Avg.(1.2) LaDrell Whitehead(2.1)
Chris McMillian (SR) 3 Career Assists(387) Sean Deant(502)
Chris McMillian (SR) 3 Career Assists Avg.(4.2) Maurice Alexander(4.5)
Chris McMillian (SR) 5 Career Steals(124) Sean Deant(249)
Chris McMillian (SR) 8 Career Steals Avg.(1.3) LaDrell Whitehead(2.1)
Chris McMillian (SR) 10 Career 3-pt. Made(80) LaDrell Whitehead(168)
Chris McMillian (SR) 9 Career 3-Pt. Attempts(289) LaDrell Whitehead(459)
Ronell Mingo (SR) 10 Career Blocks(70) Theo Ratliff(425)
Ronell Mingo (SR) 5 Career Block Avg.(1.2) Theo Ratliff(3.8)
The Cowboys 22 Season Points (2053) 1990-91 Cowboys(2641)
The Cowboys 10 Season 3-pt. FGA (393) 1999-00 Cowboys(635)
The Cowboys 13 Season Free Throws Made (538) 1952-53 Cowboys(663)
The Cowboys 14 Season Free Throws Attempted (767) 1952-53 Cowboys(965)